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Welcome to the J Photography & Media site on Zenfolio! My fondness for photography started with attending automotive and entertainment events at various convention centres or area venues. After a few years, the need to keep on taking the best photos of anything keeps on going. I always strive to better myself through practice and the advice of my fellow photographers, models, and other professionals.
I am usually affiliated with Tony Damo and the Celebrity and Model Expo (C.A.M.E.) group. The group strives to help aspiring models as well as those who are experienced to improve their portfolio content and increase their exposure at import and entertainment events.

I generally do standard portrait photography ranging from bikini swimwear, costume, cosplay, lingerie/boudoir, and implied shoots. My rates are usually TFP or a small rate depending on concept and style. I am really flexible.

My main goal is to help you. I will always provide you with all the unedited photos from the shoot and I will select ones that stand out and retouch them for you. My usual stipulation is that you give me credit if you choose to post the photos on your social media site or any other related web pages. Anything that may involve a major publication, please let me know.